As the legalization of marijuana comes into full swing, schools are setting their regulations for teachers and students.

District School Board Ontario North East says because the legal age of consumption is the same as alcohol, 19 and up, it will be treated the same way in schools. Director of Education Lesleigh Dye says it’s forbidden. “It’s not allowed to be in the possession of someone, it’s not to be used on the school ground, it’s not to be used in our buildings. I think it’s part of the messaging for our families that while it’s legal for adults, it’s not legal for our students.” Dye says staff will also not be allowed to come to work under the influence.

She adds that the DSB One mental health lead is working with the Porcupine Health Unit is working on an education program around cannabis. “More around preventative education around drug use. We know that we need to start educating in a positive way at a very young age.”

Dye says starting in November, the school board will be working with the school principals to do some education at school council meetings. She says the health unit will be teaming up with them to help parents understand what the use is, what could be available to students like edibles and oils, as well as building their awareness. Dye says it’s to build more prevention for the students.