A $54-million investment is coming to Northern Ontario.

Certarus is a Western Canada compressed natural gas company that is expanding to Timmins and later Red Rock. Certarus manager of business development in Timmins Stéphane Gallant says the company is investing in Timmins because it is a great hub of activity. “Timmins is well known as a mining sector and is within four hours of 39 operating mines. Mines are huge consumers of fuel, whether it’s diesel, propane or in some cases, natural gas. And we wanted to be close to those markets.”

Gallant says the location is just east of the Frederick House River bridge on Highway 101, about 30 kilometres from the city centre. He says right now the company is setting up at a temporary, site which will be operational within the next three weeks, while construction is happening at the hub.  Gallant says as work ramps into full operation, it will employ 25 full-time workers and an additional 10 to 15 seasonal jobs during peak periods.

The Timmins Economic Development Corporation it has worked quite closely with Certarus as it went through the development process including the feasibility study and site selection process. Director in charge of business development and retention Brenda Camirand says this investment will benefit Timmins. “First and foremost by tax assessment coming into the City of Timmins. Secondly, we do have 25 new jobs being created through this development. That brings close to $3-million of new salaries that people have as disposable income into the community.”

The TEDC adds that it’s looking forward to seeing how this service will improve operations and reduce the environmental footprint of the region’s mines and mills.