A new project is launching to tackle local labour issues.

Timmins Economic Development Corporation is developing a program to promote sustainable growth in the region. A report from the Far North East Training Board says that about 77 per cent of employers in the region is experiencing staffing issues.

TEDC Director of Community Economic Development Maggie Matear says to help businesses attract and retain staff, multiple organizations are working together to bring retention strategies to them. Matear says businesses are busy so “we are trying to do that research and legwork¬†for the employers and then present it in a really easy to read format so they don’t have to spend a whole lot of time absorbing these best practices.” She adds that “it’s like a reader’s digest of information that they can absorb quickly and then try to apply in their own settings.”

Matear says some attraction strategies can include on the spot interviews, especially in the service industry. She says this way it cuts down some of the barriers that online applications can put up.

Matear says a project coordinator will be working on bringing some research strategies to local businesses. “We are going to be looking at a number of different channels. There will be one-on-ones, there will be surveys, we are probably going to look at doing some kind of workshop in the new year.”

TEDC says it hopes this project will help local businesses thrive in the region.