A Schumacher couple is coming home $225,000 richer.

Dustin Gerner is OLG’s most recent Big Spin Wheel winner. 26-year-old Gerner says him and his 24-year-old partner Victoria Vigneux were on a road trip to visit friends and decided to buy a couple instant tickets to play in the car to pass the time. Vigneux says “a couple hours later, we stopped at another retailer to validate our ticket and claim $5 that we won. And it was in that store that the lottery terminal shut down.” She says the clerk started crying telling us that we won big. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Gerner says he kept the win a secret from all of his friends and family. “Surprise everyone.”

Gerner is a recent mining college graduate and Vigneux is currently studying accounting. The couple says they plan to use the money to pay off their student debts, put money towards a house and save some for their two kids education. Vigneaux adds that “we are definitely taking a trip down south this winter.”