As the air is starting to cool down, the Weather Network is preparing us for what this fall season could look like.

Fall officially starts on Saturday. Meteorologist Brad Rousseau says some rain is expected throughout the fall. Rousseau says temperatures are expected to drift between above and below seasonal until later in the season. “The fall is not expected to be an overly aggressive fall. October is looking like it could be probably the worst month out of the fall.” He adds that most of October will trend below the seasonal average, but then warm up a little in November.

Rousseau says fall is a transitional season and can see some swings in temperature and conditions.

He says as of now, rumours that this winter will be one of the worst in years are false. Rousseau says “there is nothing finalized for winter yet, but it’s looking like our initial guess for winter now could just be a near-normal winter.” He says more on that will come out as the full winter outlook gets finalized later this year.