More trees in Hollinger Park will be saved.

The City of Timmins says it is currently working on the soil remediation work at the park. The city says this is a five-year plan to revitalize the park because previous tests showed there are elevated metals in the park’s soil.

Manager of Parks, Recreation and Building Maintenance Glenn Thurston says the original plan was going to be to removing all the trees because the soil work would have killed them. Thurston says “after crews went through with the drainage plan, we found a way that we can probably slope the earth and the new fill to come in and around and move the water off into a new direction.” He adds that “we shouldn’t have to worry too much about the trees at this point.”

He says the city still plans to add 100 new trees that will be planted this fall. “We have a company that will be installing the trees in the north area to start with.”

The city says this wee will be filled with work at the park including:

– More fill will be stockpiled and spread. The clean fill is being transported from Pump Station 4.
The material was tested last year and will be tested again by a third party
– The tender for the splash pad will go to Council for approval
– The electrical contract will go to Council for approval
– Work on the grandstands is underway
– Some brush cutting will occur on the North side near the Shell

Thurston says the baseball field should be worked on in October. He says more updates on the ongoing work will be provided over the next few weeks.