Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor says there are many stories from Timmins she wants to share with the province.

Elizabeth Dowdeswell spent the last week touring the northern region and gathering stories as well as problems from the different areas that she will be sharing with the rest of the province. Dowdeswell says one complaint that she heard a lot in the north that she hasn’t heard much in the south is that connectivity and high-speed internet connections can be lacking.

Dowdeswell says there is some amazing work being done in Timmins that she can’t wait to tell the rest of the province. She says at a round table meeting she heard about how local organizations are teaming up to end homelessness in the city.

She says another great story is some of the Indigenous reconciliation work that is being done at Misiway. Dowdeswell says she is really impressed with how the organization has found a way of thinking of healthcare in the broadest sense. She says the staff has found a way to respect traditional culture and merging it with western knowledge.

Dowdeswell says she will be bringing all the information that she gathered on her trip to Queens Park.