Round two of an Organ Donation Awareness Walk is planned for next weekend.

Timmins resident Leslie Tinney will be hosting a free walk to talk about and raise awareness around the organ donation program. Tinney says she learned the hard way how important it is to give back when you can no longer use your organs.

Tinney says it’s hard to lose a loved one, but the organ donor program can do so much good. She says after her 23-year-old son passed away, parts of his body saved four people’s lives including a Southern Ontario man who received his heart.

This Southern Ontario man will be coming to Timmins to participate in the walk.

Tinney says right now Timmins has a 51 per cent donor rate, which is high for the province. She would like to see that number rise and eventually hit 100 per cent.

The awareness walk will run from 9:30am until noon next Saturday at Gillies Lake. Tinney says there will be information brochures, as well as IPads on hand so you can either check your donor status or sign up to become one. She says she would like to see the whole community come out and support.

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