Impaired driving numbers are going up in the region.

The Timmins Police Service says between January 1st and July 31st there have been 25 impaired driving incidents compared to 21 over the same time period last year. Police say this is a 19 per cent increase which is very concerning. Communication Coordinator Marc Depatie says TPS will continue to monitor the roads for this type of behaviour and stop this increasing trend.

Depatie says this increase could also be from more people reporting these drivers.

Depatie says driving while impaired puts pedestrians, other drivers as well as yourself at risk. He says anyone caught impaired behind the wheel can face major fines, demerit points and potential jail time.

Timmins and Area MADD Chapter Chair Amy St-Amour says this recent trend should serve as a warning to all drivers in the community that their behaviour is subject to scrutiny. St-Amour says each year countless avoidable tragedies happen on our roads by impaired drivers and an informed driving population must be reminded to make decisions that will reduce these incidents from happening.

Communications Coordinator Depatie says public safety is police officer’s number one focus and we all have to contribute to that. He says anyone who fails to comply will face the consequences.