Ontario will be getting fire fighting help from other provinces.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry says crews from BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan are on their way to help suppress some of the current forest fires in the province. As of this morning, there are 69 active forest fires in the Northeastern region with 27 out of control and 42 under control.

Fifteen three-person crews from BC and 10 four-person crews from Alberta are being deployed on priority flights tonight to help fight the current fire situation. Alberta and Saskatchewan will also be bringing water-bombers to help.

The MNRF says boaters on the lakes and rivers in the Temagami region are being asked to tie them to the shores so the water-bombers can safely scoop up the water.Response crews say there are some travel restrictions being put in place to keep areas clear from the fires. In the North Bay District the following streets have restrictions:

  • McLaren’s Road
  • Gibbons Road
  • Baie-Jeannne Road
  • South Pardo Road
  • St. Joseph’s Road
  • George Gordon
  • Iron Lake Road
  • Red Squirrel Lake Road beyond the Jack Pine Road intersection
  • all access into Lady Evelyn Provincial Park

Parts of the Temagami region are also being evacuated. Those leaving Temagami are travelling north on Highway 11. The MNRF says the highway is open, but if fire conditions get worse that could change. More updates will be posted as information becomes available.