An update will be provided on the region’s oldest water.

About one year ago, researchers from the University of Toronto found water believed to be 2-billion-years-old at Glencore’s Kidd Operations in Timmins. The water was discovered just three kilometres under the earth’s surface at the base metal mine. Researchers say the water has evidence that it can support life. They have been working with Northern College to find implications for possible life on Mars. Researchers say the Canadian Shield is geologically similar to the planet and likely has similar energy-rich water somewhere beneath its surface. 

Northern College Manager of Applied Science Amy McKillip says researchers will be coming back to work with the school and provide a research update.

McKillip says the researchers from Japan will be looking at how much life could be existing in the water.

She says it’s amazing that all these research schools are coming to Timmins to study water found in the city.

Everyone is invited to the update at Northern College tomorrow at 1:30pm at the Timmins campus.