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Winter Driving Tips

The snow has already started to fall in the region and that means drivers are preparing for winter driving conditions. The OPP wants to make sure that drivers are prepared and will be safe during the snowy season. Make sure you keep up regular maintenance on your vehicle including checking your brakes, topping off your fluid levels and changing your oil to winter-weight as well as putting snow tires on. Here are some more safe driving tips from the OPP:

Proper maintenance of your vehicle will help from any break downs.  This includes: having your brakes checked, keeping your fluids topped up, changing your oil to winter weight oil, and putting snow tires on!

Keep a lengthy and safe following distance.  This will provide extra braking time and help to avoid a collision.

Keep a charged cell phone in your vehicle at all times in case of emergencies.

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Every vehicle should have a well-stocked emergency supply kit.  It should include: battery jumper cables, first aid kit, shovel, a basic tool kit, blankets, extra winter clothing, a flashlight with extra batteries, a bag of sand, road flares and/or warning lights.

Always have a windshield scraper.

Check weather forecasts before heading out for extended trips.

Drive at a speed that is slow and safe enough for the weather conditions.

To do their jobs, snowplows must travel slower than regular traffic.  Visibility and lines of sight are reduced around snowplows due to blowing snow, and passing can be dangerous.  Please be patient and remain a safe distance from them!

“You are the one responsible for your vehicle and it is up to you to remain in control at all times.  By doing so, you reduce the risk of injuring yourself or others on the roadways!  The OPP want you to reach your destination safely.

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