The Porcupine Health Unit is spreading the word about its “No Money for Food is…Cent$less” campaign. Public Health Dietitian Victoria Hall says this is a campaign that talks about how the route cause of food insecurity is poverty. The health unit says in Ontario, one in eight households are food insecure and one in six children are living in a food insecure household. Hall says people who can’t access enough food suffer mental, physically and socially.

Hall says this problem is cause by a variety of things including the cost of food going up. She says since 2011 the cost of eating healthy for a family of four in the Cochrane district has risen by $29.84 a week. She says PHU is trying to work upstream to reduce the issue. 


She says the health unit is asking you to talk about food insecurity. She says the more people know, the better. She says you can read and share more information on the campaign by clicking here