On March 28th the Liberal government of Ontario will break its promise of presenting a balanced budget.

That’s according to Timiskaming-Cochrane NDP MPP and Finance Critic John Vanthof, who says this, comes as no surprise to him or his party.

Vanthof says the Wynne Liberals have now spent the last 15 years cutting health care and allowing our schools to crumble.

He says now, they promise to do better, but only if given another four years from voters, and Ontarians shouldn’t buy it.

Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa says they plan to run a deficit on this year’s budget in order to provide funding for senior programs, women and students.

Vanthof says the Liberals are desperately trying to lure Ontarians in with last ditch promises, and he says Ontarians deserve a government focused on the issues that matter most to families.