Despite a consistent flow of ongoing work on Northern highways, the region should not be expecting any increases in infrastructure funding.

A presentation in Iroquois Falls this past week was given by Ministry of Transportation Ontario’s Northeastern Region Engineer Manon (Mano) Kasim (Kas-eem) regarding their infrastructure budget.

Kasim says over $3 billion is being spent for the 2017-18 budget , and of the $2.5 billion going into highway work, only $630 million is going to Northern Ontario.

However, Kasim went on to mention that in the past decade almost 350 kilometres of highway have been resurfaced, while seeing eight bridges being rebuilt or replaced, and over $6 billion spent on repairs in the north.

She says the next major project for the region will be between 2019 and 2021 along Highway 11 as they resurface the bridge at Smooth Rock Falls.