After a fire destroyed their only grocer in 2015, three years later Smooth Rock Falls has a new grocer thanks to the government.

The new Smooth Rock Falls Freshmart opened in mid-December, in large part thanks to a generous renovation and purchase from the government.

Through the government’s purchase of the grocer and its work alongside NOHFC, the town has been ensured access to basic community services as part of Ontario’s plan to create more fair opportunities.

Chair of NOHFC Michael Gravelle says the government is committed to helping northerners increase opportunities within their communities.

He says Smooth Rock Falls’ new grocer will make life easier for community members as well as help the area attract further economic opportunities.

Mayor for Smooth Rock Falls Michel Arsenault says they are very pleased the province, through NOHFC, is investing into the community.

Arsenault says this is a significant step to attracting more businesses and residents to town.