The Canadian government has released its new official federal action plan for the Woodland Caribou of the Boreal population.

The plan released Tuesday by the government of Canada website states there are three main pillars of the plan; knowledge to support recovery, recovery and protection, and reporting on progress.

The first pillar will focus on creating an alliance of knowledge regarding Boreal Caribou in order to conduct further research.

Recovery and protection will see the caribou and its identified critical habitats to be protected by the government.

Finally, they are to report on progress being made with the habitats and must publish a five-year report on the implementation of the recovery strategy.

Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry Nathalie Des Rosiers says the government listened to northern municipalities, the forestry industry and environmental organizations before deciding upon a two-year regulation extension for forestry in January.

FONOM President and Kapuskasing Mayor Alan Spacek was unable to be reached for comment on the matter at this time.

The action plan can be found here.