An NDP northern MPP has called upon the Wynne Liberals to speed up the relocation process of at-risk caribou.

Algoma-Manitoulin NDP MPP Mike Mantha has asked that a herd of caribou on Michipocoten Island be moved to another island 130 kilometres away to avoid being decimated by wolves.

Mantha says the matter is dire and that the province needs to get involved immediately, not wait for a protocol to be drafted and approved.

Meanwhile, NOP Leader Trevor Holliday agrees with Mantha that these caribou need assistance, however, Holliday says the NDP plan is not cost-effective.

Holliday says there is a much simpler solution; trap and harvest the wolves on the island, which will cost taxpayers much less, and stop the decline of caribou.

Currently, the MNRF have released a statement saying they will continue to undertake several monitoring and research projects of the island to keep a close eye on the condition of the caribou.