John Vanthof, the MPP for Timiskaming-Cochrane, foresees a potential problem for First Nations in the James Bay region after the next election.   It’s because the new riding of Mushkegowuk-James Bay is more than 60 percent Francophone.  Vanthof says that means the next MPP will likely be Francophone.  Vanthof says unlike the new northwest riding which is mostly Indigenous, Aboriginal communities in James Bay could have a tough time getting their viewpoints across. However, Vanthof says if current MPP Gilles Bisson decides to run in the new riding, then First Nation voices will be heard because Bisson has worked with the communities for years as a politician.  He says a new MPP would have a tougher time because he or she would lack the experience and knowledge that Bisson has built over the years. However, Vanthof adds Bisson hasn’t decided yet where he’ll run.

(Written By: Rocco Frangione)