The Northern Ontario Party is not pleased with recent comments stemming from a Liberal MPP regarding life in the north.

NOP Party Leader Trevor Holliday released a statement Sunday in regards to Liberal MPP Lou Rinaldi’s ‘No Man’s Land’ comments and took aim not only at the Liberals but also the NDP and Conservatives as well.

Holliday says that he thought Northern MPP’s would defend their territory by condemning Rinaldi’s comments, instead, he felt NDP MPP Mike Mantha, and PC MPP Vic Fedeli showed even more disrespect through their statements.

He says the comments paint an unfair picture of the north, but also one that he feels best demonstrates why Queens Park gets away with subpar investments and funding to their northern counterparts.

Holliday says Northern Ontarians can no longer afford to be represented by those who will push southern party values and continue a cycle of underfunding and poverty for northern residents.