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Nipissing MPP Claims No-Cost Thermostat Program Isn’t Free

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli says the so-called No-Cost Smart Thermostat program announced by the Wynne Liberals isn’t really free.  Fedeli says the Liberals themselves say the money to fund its Green Ontario Fund comes from their cap and trade tax everyone pays for.  Fedeli says once that tax was applied at the gas pumps, it had a ripple effect forcing up the price of many goods including groceries.  However the Tory finance critic says this point is lost on the Liberals.  Fedeli says only with Liberal math does something that took $1.7 billion out of the economy not cost anything.  The Tory finance critic refers to the new program as Photo Op Environmentalism.   He says this is where the Liberals design something to get a story or headline so it appears that they’re doing something positive.  He says that’s supposed to leave us with the feeling that the government is doing something when the reality is the Wynne Liberals are using our money to promote themselves.   Fedeli is also worried about the board of directors that runs the new program.  He recalls that years ago the Liberals appointed 15 temporary directors to the Ontario Power Authority and now it has more than 100 people at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars.   Fedeli believes his concerns and cynicism are wanted and points to the Smart Meter program fiasco.   He says when the Liberals introduced the Smart Meters, they were supposed to cost $1 billion dollars but the cost doubled to $2 billion.

(Written By: Rocco Frangione)

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